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The Survival of Our Free Enterprise System

What is Renaissance?

The dictionary defines it as renewal, rebirth or rediscovery.

It was used to define the movement in 16th Century Europe to define the classical Greek revival in painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Today I define it in economic terms, as a need for our nation to experience a “renewal” in the founding principles of our free enterprise system. A “getting back to the basics” if you will.

What are those basics?



Independent Companies

Some large companies lose their desire to come up with new products/services. They may be sitting on a boatload of cash and find it more expedient to simply buy another company rather than come up with their own product. Some may simply end up purchasing the competition. After they nearly corner the market they can set whatever price they want. Some companies who are takeover targets may not want to be taken over, and thus have to spend time and money to fight it.

These are all “tools of manipulation” which is the complete opposite of what I feel is best to maintain a healthy & vibrant free enterprise system.

Not all acquisitions are bad. The bad ones result in little more than cutting costs, boosting shareholder price and increasing executive compensation.

The solution to this situation lies in stricter oversight by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. It can also include “taxing” multiple acquisitions made by the same company, in the hope that it acts a disincentive. Also to continually review tax and regulations levied against small and mid-size businesses. Left unchecked, these large acquisitions will simply help boost more people closer to the top ½ of 1% of all wealthy individuals.

From time to time I will also comment on issues related to our economy and politics not directly concerning mergers and acquisitions.

Thank you for your visit.


Robert J. Wilking


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